"Dr. Hedgewar Seva Samiti". Samiti has the clear thought 'Nasti Seva Samo Dharma' which means, there is no Religion as Service to Mankind.
'Samiti' utilizes the Traditional Knowledge of the Tribal's, and Support them with the required Technical and scientific methodologies, so that the Tribal can be self reliant.
Over more than two Decades 'Samiti' had successfully executed various ventures covering all the aspects of tribal life and incubating the development in true sense.
Today 'Samiti' has own channel where in Technology is not only reached out to the end user, but also has an direct intervention in issues like Formal & Non Formal Education, Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Improving Agriculture, Food & Nutritional security.
"Dr. Hedgewar Seva Samiti" believes in Institutional way of development, also 'Samiti' plays a consultative role in initiatives of various agencies and bodies in Nandurbar District.


  • ——> Education and empowerment

    • Gram Shikshan Mandir
    • Aashram Shala
    • Jan Shikshan Sansthan
    • Open school of agriculture
    • Education Resource Centre
  • ——> Agriculture and rural livelihoods

    • Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Farm Science Centre)
    • Agriculture Innovation in Khandbara (NAIP project)
    • Sustainable livelihoods in Satpada (UNDP-GEF funded)
    • Krushak Mandal and information exchange network
    • Krishi Vigyan Vahini (24X7 telephone helpline)
    • Village Development Program (NABARD affiliated)
  • ——> Biodiversity and IPR

    • Vanoushadhi Sankalan Samvardhan Kendra
    • Documentation of Farmars' rights over Crop varieties

Innovative Ideas Implemented

Benefits Beyond Beneficiaries
Glimpse of Tribal Life of Satpuda
Tree Based Farming